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  • Save your car floorboard from constant damage
  • Conveniently available
  • Economically priced
  • Good to look
  • Great to feel
  • Packed small & light
  • Total protection of original factory floorboard
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles – cars/ SUVs / Vans

Floorboard area of any vehicle bears the major burnt of abuse of occupants and car floors are no exception to it. What should a car owner do to save the original factory car carpet from daily cruelty of users and nature? How to set your mind free from anxieties of misuse while driving? One way is to keep shouting and screaming at passengers to exercise caution and another is to give your car floorboard area protection of  Protectiondeals’ readily available Universal Car Floor Mats.

Universal Floor Mats are always in-stock, ready for use and are more economical than Custom Floor Mats. Universal Car Floor mats are very useful to save your car floor from damage and harm from rain, snow and mud. Universal Floor Mats work effectively for all kinds of vehicles – be it cars, SUVs or vans. Protectiondeals’ Universal Car Floor Mats come with and without nibbed backing. It is recommended to use floor mats with nibbed backing as it prevents Floor Mats from slipping.

Univesal Floormats
Universal Floormats
  • Made of High Density nylon carpet or clear vinyl
  • Equipped with stain & wear resistant agents
  • Multi color choices in nylon carpet

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