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  • Blocks sunrays
  • Obstructs heat accumulation inside the parked car
  • High quality durable materials
  • Custom made to your specific order
  • CAD / CAM designed patterns
  • For every make & model

Sunshields are used by car owners to screen out the damaging UV sunrays and thwart the heat build up inside the parked vehicles. Sunshields are stretched along the car windshield. Sunshields have come a long way from the days when they were made of cardboard to the present day when they are being made of advanced laminated materials. For saving yourself from the heat and arrest the harm caused by UV rays it is recommended to use Sunshields.

There is great demand for Custom Sunshields among car owner to ward – off harmful effects of sun and insulate the vehicle from heat accumulation.
A lot of time is devoted at Protection Deals to each Sunshield for perfect custom fit. The CAD / CAM manufacturing systems run by highly trained professionals ensure the delivery of precise and consistent Custom Sunshields. Due to the use of automation and high – end technology we are able to offer our customers Sunshields designed to their specific needs at affordable prices. Custom Sunshields can be tailored to any make or model of car.

Reflective Mylar Foam Sunshield
Reflective Mylar Foam Sunshield
  • Highly reflective outer shell
  • Soft inner lines
  • High Quality tri-laminated material
  • Superb insulation properties

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