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  • Discover delightful ways to cover your car seats!
  • Peerless patterns & pleasing personality!
  • The comfort, the convenience & the construction all are a class apart!
  • The true essence of ease & elegance!

Dress up your car seats in especially made for you Custom Car Seat Covers from Protection Deals. Whether you want to protect your new upholstery or you want to drape the existing wear, we provide perfectly fitting, great looking personalized covers for your car seats.

Car seats bear traces of activities both inside and outside the car, food & beverage spills, kids’ unmindful mischief and pets’ dirty claws are just the few to name. The kind of hardships the car seats have to face from passengers traveling in the car is unimaginable. Usage wear and tear, sunlight, misuse, soiled clothes, careless dumping of goods and utilities all are likely to cause great damage to the car seats. Custom Car Seat Covers protect your car seats from repeated abuse and add customized style to the interiors.

Car seats are equipped with plenty of features these days. You can recline in the seats, fold them or just remove them. Our Custom Seat Covers are engineered to allow use of all functions.

Protection Deals’ Car Seat Covers come complete with:

  • Headrests & armrests
  • Console covers (for split bench seats)
  • Map pockets
  • Cut outs for controls
  • Airbag flaps
  • Provisions for integrated seatbelts
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Ballistic Seat Covers
Ballistic Seat Covers
  • The toughest custom seat covers available-bar none!
  • Non-hazardous to human beings!
  • Stain resistant!
  • Available in Black, Brown & Grey!
Genuine Leather Seat Covers
Genuine Leather Seat Covers
  • Ultimate luxury car seat covers
  • Top quality Italian leather
  • Handmade by American craftsmen
  • Exact fit, many colors
Leatherette Seat Covers
Leatherette Seat Covers
  • Elegant and practical
  • Look & feel of genuine leather
  • Affordable prices
  • Available in many colors
Neoprene Seat Covers
Neoprene Seat Covers
  • Pleasing cushion feel
  • Best all-purpose synthetic rubber material
  • Flexible, durable, water resistant
  • Easiest to install
NeoSupreme Seat Covers
NeoSupreme Seat Covers
  • Excellent coziness
  • Many colors & color combinations
  • Anti-microbial & Fungus resistant
  • Most suitable for active life-style
Poly Cotton Seat Covers
Poly Cotton Seat Covers
  • The strongest natural fabric
  • Cool, soft and comfortable
  • Best material for drape
  • Capable of the greatest luster
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